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The mission of Seen Too Magazine ™ is to build a community of women at midlife, in various stages of menopause, who seek to remove the “cringe-factor” from the word “menopause” through humor and shared experiences, so our daughters can walk into this time in their lives with confidence, care, and the visibility from society that they deserve.

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Join our community of midlife and menopausal women as we share challenges, victories, and laughter.

Can we be honest? All trends and new ideas are not bullseyes. And that’s just fine. I’ve had 1000s of sh*t ideas in my life, hell – I’m still living the far-reaching consequences of one of them (putting my future and faith in the wrong person’s hands!!!). It’s perfectly normal to throw a new idea at the wall – some will stick, and some will slowly slink to the floor to die an ugly, unnoteworthy death. 
What chance does the female population, aged 45 and over, have to be seen and heard and not turned out to pasture like some aging mule that everyone loves but no one has the heart to put down? We have a chance to all stand in the same space, raise a hand and say, “Hi, yeah, me in the back. I have something to say."
Where the f*ck did THAT come from, and HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN THERE? This is a question I have asked myself almost on the daily since receiving an illuminated magnifying makeup mirror from my darling son-in-law for Christmas.
We have that inner dialogue, “Has alcohol become a problem? Am I a problem drinker?” We invariably tell ourselves that our jobs, relationships, and finances are in order. We can quickly point to someone who is more of a booze-fueled disaster than we are.

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