PG Rating

This magazine is rated PG-13. It is, at times, going to be profane and inappropriate. If that bothers you, please find another publication that is better at subscribing to feminine correctness.

Half-Ass Master Class

We might occasionally have a recipe, a beauty tip, or a cleaning hint but rest assured our hacks will not heighten any sense of inadequacy or obligation you typically feel after reading such content. Our hacks will focus on half-assery and corner-cutting. On our website ( we call this category “Half-Ass Master Class.”

Bring a sense of humor

It’s daunting to put out any kind of media these days because, thanks to social media, being offended and virtue signaling has become like some warped form of social currency. “I’m offended by this obscure-bullshit-nobody-cares tidbit – and you’re an ignorant piece of garbage because you didn’t pay enough attention to it to be offended.”

Look, we’re socially aware, compassionate, and mostly PC – but we’re not going to mind-f*ck every sentence to death, trying to figure out how it may be misinterpreted. We’re not here to be assholes, but we’re not here to tip-toe either. So, this magazine has a warning label, and here it is:


No ivory towers

The content of this publication is conversational, relatable, and intended to build a community. If you’re looking for some high-brow lit, please proceed back to the intersection, and turn in the opposite direction.

Building a community

Outside of the occasional passing reference, we will do our level best to steer away from all things political and COVID related. There is plenty of divisive and inflammatory content available elsewhere. We’re here to BUILD a community, not break one.

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