Since turning 50, I’ve been grappling with new and interesting ways to tell people to f*ck off. Then one day, I thought, “Hey, we already have a simple way to do that — behold the middle finger.” Still, the middle finger was a bit too crass for me — effective, but maybe a bit too crass. The middle finger needed a makeover — it needed to be bedecked in glamorous patterns and jewels, and claim its rightful place as the mother of all hand gestures. With my collection of middle finger art, which I call Queen Lady Finger, you can tell someone to f*ck off, but with style and grace.

Each design is named for a real person with a real attitude. Please check back often, as I have plenty more characters in my life to dedicate new designs to.

The process is simple. Select the design that best fits your brand of f*ckery, go to the checkout, download your design, and print. All designs are formatted on 8.5 x 11, so they are easy to trim to 8 x 10 and frame. (Please remember there will be slight color variations from monitor to monitor and printer to printer.)

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